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The Apostasy in 2nd Thessalonians


By Jeffrey Sta Maria (April 2015)





A very warm welcome to our website. Thank you for visiting with us and may your time with us prove to be a great blessing to you, and to us as well.

In these very fast-paced days, many messages that purport to be God's Good News for mankind abound. The sincere seeker needs God's inspiration to be able to distinguish those that are truly of God from those that simply parade as such.

On this website we present food for spiritual growth through scriptural topics that are relevant to our time and administration. We present these truths and encourage a walk in accord with them. We do not force any issue upon you, neither do we demand any decision from you.

Our objective is to just present God's message for today for your attention and consideration. Whether or not this Good News strikes a responsive chord will be a matter entirely between God and You.

We may not know who those are who are being called now to be members of the body of Christ. It is our ardent desire, nonetheless, to be of service to our fellow-believers for the glory of God.


A number of topics are given here for your perusal and evaluation. These are based on Scripture and  presented, as much as possible, without denominational inhibitions or bias. What Scripture says, counts. 


Information on the resources we are using for our studies and to present the material on this site. Additionally, you can find links to others who share our respect for and understanding of Scripture, and are also endeavouring to present the truths of Scripture to the members of the body of Christ. 


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